Paese Cosmetic – First impression


          Glad to be a part of silky matt lipstick launch from Paese Cosmetic in Ahmedabad One Mall on 28th April. Paese is a Poland cosmetic brand present on the market since 2008.  It owes its dynamic growth to the high quality of products, a wide variety of colours and attractive packaging. Paese is an Italian word meaning a ”land”. A land of beauty for women of all types of beauty and skin. It’s a brand which put the client in the first place. Paese Cosmetics has its own stand in more than 30 countries around the world, including Ireland, Russia, Egypt, Italy, the UK, and many more. Paese Cosmetics crafts products with careful consideration for every consumer. Not only do their products match the relentless spark and substance of the women in India, they also work in congruence with the daily lives of the modern Indian woman. With quality and sustainability as their top priorities, there is no room for complaints.

           And the brand ambassador of the Paese Cosmetic is sexy, gorgeous, fashionable & trendy actress Jennifer Winget. She was won & spoted as one of the “50 Sexiest Asian women”.  She was in Ahmedabad one to launch the Silky Matt Lipstick from Paese Cosmetic. And with her presence the crowd went crazy, as she have a huge number of fans in our city. While attending each question from crowd she said “cosmetics are to highlight real beauty of the women”.

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          As a memory, I got some goodie bag from Paese Cosmetic. Let’s check wats inside the goodie bag. Hmm…..

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          Goodies came in the Paese branded paper bag. In the side panel of the bag you will find name of the countries where paese brand already spread. Inside the paper bag, I find a beautiful & stunning black purse. In which the cosmetics where kept wrapped in paese brand printed butter paper.



  • Contains light-reflecting pearl particles which ensure the illusion of even and smooth colour
  • Gives 3D effect, making eyes look bigger
  • Delicate consistency
  • No parabens
  • Available in triple colour sets
  • Product contains Vitamins A, C, E & Silicon oil. Vitamins A, C, E helps in nourishing the delicate skin. Silicon oil help to prolongs the makeup. Cost of the product is Rs. 74920180511_123554


  • Concealer with medium coverage
  • Light, creamy, liquid consistency ideally melts into delicate skin
  • Covers up signs of fatigue
  • Microparticles of pearl illuminate and optically diminish shadows under the eyes
  • Product contains Scutellaria Baicalnesis, Vitamins A, C, E, PP & D-panthenol. Scutellaria Baicalnesis helps to soothes skin irritations, evens color of the skin, prevents from forming dark shadows. Vitamins A, C, E, PP helps in nourish the delicate skin. D-panthenol helps in soothes skin irritations. Cost of the 6ml is Rs 1099.



  • Gives strong coverage
  • Nourishes and moisturizes the lips
  • High level of pigments ensures intensive colour
  • Leaves lips with mirror-like shine
  • Formula created to achieve long-lasting effect
  • Product contains Argan Oil & Vitamins A, C and E.  Argan Oil – Has strong hydrating and skin firming properties and thanks to high levels of natural antioxidants protect the skin from harmful effects of free radicals. Vitamins A, C and E – Ensures nourishment of delicate skin of lips and its regeneration. Cost of the 4gm is Rs 999.



  • Subtly enhances and defines lips, at the same time nourishing delicate skin
  • Contains illuminating particles, reflecting the light and ensuring a beautiful mirror-shine effect, making lips look fresh and enhanced
  • Delicate to medium coverage depending on shade
  • Long-lasting effect formula
  • No parabens
  • Product contains Castor Oil & Vitamin E and C. Castor Oil – softens skin of the lips, prevents from its drying due to water-binding abilities. Vitamin E and C – nourishes delicate skin. Cost of 3.4ml is Rs 899.

          PAESE’s products are created with passion and attention to all of the current trends. Paese’s products are high in quality with an affordable rate. Over all it’s highly recommended by product to all the cosmetic lovers.

You can easily find Paese products in Nykaa &

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Enjoy Learning & Eating

Learning-with-Food          Earlier days it was completely moms or other members of the family duty to make the kid eat. And people use to have healthy food, according to the season & availability. As time change & western culture influence our life style more, with that changes came in our food habit. Now a day’s people prefer to buy from hotel or make something which get prepare in few second. Buzz parents not able to teach their kids completely about the healthy eating, as they are not able to follow it completely. So now a day’s schools started Tiffin list as per the days. Which make kids to have healthy food in lunch. Being Kangaroo kids (parents) moms, we were following the same. And got a good result, as kids were started eating all the healthy food.
Schools also keep on doing creative & innovative plans to make kids learn, enjoy & fun while eating. Same happen in my son’s school. Suddenly 2 weeks before the school close, we got a message from school. That for two weeks we are going to revision whatever we taught the kids. So for that we need a parents help… Please follow the new lunch chart.
This was shocking for us… as the list contains some junk food too & our kids have a habit of having roti, sabji, rice, salad & fruits in their daily routine. They are not going to eat & lunch will come back. Many parents complain about this, as per them making the food in lunch which kids not going to eat is not a good idea. Some had an issue with time consumption in preparing the food as per school requirement & that also in the early morning.
As it was school’s decision & last two weeks were left. So we all mom’s planned to follow it. As we find that the list includes all type of foods & kids should try all type of foods. It will help to teach that they have to adjust in all type of food. And they learn to try new food.  With that we also decided to give food a twist to kids wonnt come empty stomach & we also follow school lunch rules.
Its hard to showcase the entire mom’s cooking art effort. Hereby, I am showing the pictures of three of the mom’s effort in it.

School’s lunch list for last 2 week before vacation:-
1.) Monday 9.4.18 circle shape brown colour paratha.
As it’s a common lunch I am not adding pic.
2.) Tuesday 10.4.18 triangle shape veg. cheese sandwich white color.

Made mayonnaise cheese sandwich as my son loves it & it is white in color too.

3.) Wednesday 11.4.2018 square shape paneer Ki sabji roti orange colour.

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4.) Thursday 12.4.2018 semicircle red colour macaroni.

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5.) Friday 13.4.2018 diamond shape dhokla yellow colour.

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6.) Monday 16.4.2018 circle shape puri aloo.
As it’s a common lunch I am not adding pic.
7.) Tuesday 17.4.2018 triangle shape pizza tricolor.

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8.) Wednesday 18.4.2018 heart shape aloo tikki golden brown.
I have added sabudana in my son’s tikki, as he dont like simple aloo.

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9.) Thursday 19.4.2018 square shape roti sabji green veggies.
My son loves palak paneer, but his friend don’t so made green square roti by his mom sonal.

10.) Friday 20.4.2018 rectangular shape finger chips.

School given the above list to do revision of “shapes” & “colours” which kids learned. And also learn to have different type of foods. This concept was very interesting & we must try at home too during vacation. Being mom I don’t think we need a force from others to start such kind of concept. Mommies try it same way or differently….. choice is yours..


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Want to buy international product in your budget. Switch to


          BFMe promises a hassle-free shopping experience right from product selection to timely delivery. is an online marketplace built to offer hassle-free shopping experience with only international products supplied by oversea sellers. BFMe E-Commerce Private Limited, a joint venture between BFM International Ltd. and DTDC Retail Ltd. is set up with an aim of building an online marketplace offering a wide range of superior international products to Indian consumers.

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          My definition of BFME is “Best-place For My E- shopping”. For me BFME is a site which provide me international product at a budget friendly rate. I came to know about BFME during my search to buy something stylish for my son on “Vishu festival”.  During that time some offers where going on in BFME, so I got an outfit for him at my budget. Still as it’s a new website for me & the product takes 19 working days to deliver it, I was confused about the size & if any problem occurs than return issue. I put a message to them that I like one product & confuse about the exact size for my son. Immediately I got a call from their customer service and they guide & helped me to select an exact size for him. And the person assures me that if any problems occur he will replace it too easily. Product not only delivered on time but the person to whom I talk confirm with me about the order delivery.

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          When the courier came my son was very much excited. Like every kid he also like to style with new outfit. Both the outfit was trendy & in fashion. Both are 2 piece outfit. The overcoat is connected with the top. I liked the most is the quality of the fabric. Fabric is light weight, soft & easy to wear. And for mommy’s its easy to wash. Its comfortable to wear in any indian season, which is more important. And the rate of the outfit is less as compare to several kids clothing sites. So your kid can be in style in less payment.

Once you connected with Bfme. Bfme team will support & guide you in each stage of shopping. They update you with sending offer & discount information. Which help you to buy product at discounted rate. There quick & friendly customer care service help you to select the product of right size, send you color options & solve your all confusions. BFME always gives you product which is value for your money.

Its being one year after connecting with . During this one year I have shopped kids garment, creams etc. from BFME. And all the product where awesome & value for money. Now they have started paytm & cod payments. Which make everyone more easy to buy product.

My best wishes to BFME. Keep growing & reach the height of success. Keep serving us with wonderful international product in pocket friendly budget. Thank You..

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EYOVA : World’s 1st Egg oil hair nutrient:- Review.

We all love our hair. And our hair describes our personality too. Open hair describes the fun loving person, funky describes a creative person, short boyish hair describes a tomboy person & braid hair describes a confident person. We all love to experiment & style with our hair. But because of improper food, whether, air & water pollution our hair getting damage. As a result hair falls, dandruff, hair gray & hair bald. This problem somewhere hits our confidence.

I & my hubby both have a hair problem. As I travel a lot in two wheelers, I am facing hair fall & dry hair. My hubby faces the hair gray & hair fall. We both were in search of a product which helps us to make our hair health. Some people suggested applying egg on hair. But I didn’t, as it will smell stinky & I can’t tolerate it.

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During that time I came across this product “Eyova”.  Eyova is the World’s 1st Egg oil hair nutrient, which is excellent for hair growth, treating hair fall, dandruff & treating hair graying. Eyova can be used by men and women. And the most important thing is that it’s egg oil without the stinky egg smell. Fragrance is mild & suitable to all people. If you wish to apply in the day time, you can go anywhere after applying it on hair.
Ingredients: –
Egg oil, Canola Oil, Fragrance.

Usage instructions are already on the bottle. Still I like to explain, so reader come to know how easy to use it.

  1. Massage Eyova on the scalp & ensure it spreads evenly.
  2. Leave it on for 3 hours minimum, preferably overnight
  3. Wash it off with shampoo.
    how to apply

Science Behind EYOVA:-

  • Biotin :- Promotes Hair Growth & Scalp Health
  • Omega 3 & 6:- Regenerate Hair Follicles
  • Good Cholesterol:- Repair, Strengthen, Moisturize Hair,
  • Antioxidants:- Prevent Ageing and Strengthen Hair Roots
  • Immunoglobulin: – Helps to Revitalize Hair & Maintain Healthy looking Hair & Scalp.

Benefit of EYOVA :-
EYOVA not only increase the hair growth but also makes the roots stronger, it prevent hair fall, repairs split ends, fight against dandruff & prevents graying of hair.
Science behind Eyova

Production Process:-
20 eggs pass through the cold press technology to prepare 50ml of EYOVA oil.
Production Process
Special Instruction: – Use it twice a week & minimum 4 weeks for visible results.
Stop Use in Case of allergic reaction.
Product available on: – In Amazon & Flipkart.

Will upload the video soon.

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Har ankho ma, ek sapne hai,
Un sapno ko, Jara pank tho do,
Dil ma chupi, Kai armaan hai,
Un armaano ko, Jara udha ne do,
Give them a wings, Give them a wings,
Live your dreams,
Give them a wings.
On the International Women’s Day 2018, Nexus & Wings group organized a beautiful event. In which, they have planned to reward the women. Who have crossed all the barriers in life, lived there dreams & achieved success. It was great honor to see that Vodafone Gandhidam also supported them & given their contribution in this event.

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In the event we got to see all age, profession, level of ladies from gandhidam. From a social worker to a business tycoon, from an artist to a singer, physically impaired actress to a writer. All women where special & inspired us with their challenging stories.  We have seen many inspiration stories in movies. But it was an honor to see them all together in one platform. The age, physical issues & society didn’t able to stop them & achieve their dreams.

 Wing’s Group Lovely Ladies with Vodafone Girls & Me

Wonderful selection of women from each categories by Wing’s Group. Other than this they have planned some fun activities for women like games, grooming & success tips, lucky draw, dj, photo boot & surprise gifts

Thanks Vodafone Gandhidam team for giving me a chance to attend such a wonderful event. And I am extremely happy to see that Vodafone Gandhidam put his effort & contribution in Women empowerment events.  This is my second opportunity to join with you in women empowerment event.

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Vodafone Gandhidam distributed there special goodies among the games & lucky draw winners. But this was not an end, as they believe every woman is special & on women day they deserve a small token of appreciation. To encourage all the women who attended the event & make them special Vodafone team distributed a small token of appreciation in the form of key chains.

Wings Group didn’t let the Vodafone girls go with an empty hand. They gifted them a beautiful small plant as a ray of new hope.

Organizers :- Nexus & Wings Group
Gifts sponsored by Wings Group & Vodafone Gandhidam

Happy International Women’s Day


We all are eagerly waiting for the International Women’s Day. As it’s the next event coming on the calendar. But we really know for what the International Women Day has started to celebrate….
To remove gender gap
and we have successfully prove our self at each stage. Most of the companies wish to recruit a female candidate instead of male. As they believe that women are hardworking & more dedicated to the work they do.
Worldwide women are describing by…………………….


But for us “o womaniya aha womaniya” suits more.
Still the gender gap has not removed completely. In each minute one woman gets sexually harassed somewhere in the world. And this evil eye people don’t have an age criteria (from small girls to 60+ granny’s getting sexually harassed). This is not because of increase in usage of internet. Our backwards thinking which stop us to teach or talk to our kids about all this after certain age.
Lack of good touch & bad touch is the reason behind this problem.
Beautifully explained recently in one of the top serial from Starplus.

Instead of saying “o womaniya aha womaniya” I think we should say “Jaago womaniya, Bolo womaniya”
When there is no ram in this yug, why to keep on giving exams like sita to prove yourself at each stage & end your life going under the earth.


Can’t I be your daughter

4965828534_c54afc9016.jpgI born & brought up in metro city. I always had seen people living in nuclear families. I had a big wish to live in a join family. But my point of view towards the joint family change after my wedding. Not because of my family but because of those families who leaves surrounding my in laws house.

Let’s start from the place description. We live in a colony which has several lines. Our line has 10 houses. Each & every families came from different places & have different culture. But some types of behavior are common in these people.
Hey before that let me tell you I am talking about a place where big import export, lots of industry & more job opportunity is there.  I am making this clear because I don’t want you guys to think that I am talking about some village.

Similarity in all these families are:-

Only head couple of the family will rule the house. They have the right to take all the decisions. It may be wrong or right all have to follow. No one have right to raise a voice in their decisions.

Son & daughter’s of the family have rights to live there life fully.  Daughter-in-law is just a servant & there kids are trouble makers. Especially if they are girl child.

Son can’t pamper his kids if his parents (head of the family) sitting with them. (They call it respect to elders…..isn’t it?)

Many more….

  • These are some common family rules now let’s see the rules for daughter-in – laws
  • Typical orthodox mentality – daughter in law comes for 4 things.
  • For household work
  • To sleep with their son
  • To keep on producing kids, till you have a son
  • To look after the kids – (if you have time after doing above things)
  • She should sit on the floor in front of everyone. If no one at home she can sit in sofa or chair.
  • If daughter & daughter in law in on room which have bed. Than only daughter have right to sleep on the bed. Daughter in law should sleep on the floor.
  • She should keep a big “googhat” in front of elders for respect. ( I agree that we should respect our elders but forcefully getting respect is not a correct way)
  • She has no rights to speak anything, even her personal decision to be taken by her mother in law.
  • She should work around the clock 24X7 & all other will sit free. No one even get ready to help her.
  • She get chance to met her parents on any family function or 2 days in a year she can go there to meet them.
  • She has no choice, no dream, no rest, no respect & no freedom to breath.


You all guys thinking that all families are not same. I should not take decision with these 10 families that all joint families are same. I agree that, but I have observed many others too. In this city most of the families are same. Everyone wants to make their daughter in law free servant. Some manages to come out with their hubby’s support, some keep on struggling.


Dear readers

Just wanna ask you.

  • Can you people guide me how we can change this thing.
  • You guys don’t think that this women have right to live the way they want.
  • Women run the family & house, then why no respect for her?
  • Why can’t a daughter in law take a place of daughter?



I am amateur writer. I know I have made lots of grammatical mistakes while writing. Sorry for all that.  My intention was just to show you the negativity in orthodox family in the modern India.

I apologize with depth of my heart if it hurt any individual personally.

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