Dispelling some of the myths: – About Palm oil

In my last blog about Palm oil, I tried to cover the details like type of palm oil, Health and Nutrition Benefits of Palm Oil, Palm oil helps in food security, Palm oil – Land use efficiency, Palm oil, and its many uses & Is palm's success its greatest enemy? After attending this webinar, I... Continue Reading →

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Prega moment -Beautiful & Stylish With MORPH Maternity Wear

Pregnancy & motherhood most beautiful phase of every woman’s life.  Not every day of pregnancy is easy, but each day of it bring you closer to your sweetheart. Then labor moment comes with a blind date, where you know you will meet the love of your life. Tiny hands & legs will make your life upside down with smile, giggle, cry, long wake ups, food, poo etc.  
#MorphMaternity #FeedingKurta #FeedingNightgown #NursingBra #MaternityWear #MorphBeautifully

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