Here’s How To Keep Your Kid Engaged With Fun + Learning – Magic Crate

          Every parent is curious like me to give their child as best as possible. And in this curiosity, they keep on buying educational & fun loving toys for their kids. As we know, kids get easily bored of all these things & stop playing with it after a few min, hour or days. And at the end, all were gathered in corner of the room or spread in the whole house. Finally, parents realize that they have wasted their money & their house became garbage of toys. To help the parents from this problem, many companies came up with a monthly activity box. These activity boxes not only help to educate the child but also increase their creative side & easily store in less space.

          Today, I am going to tell you about one of the creative as well as an educational box, which I came across & brought for my son.

Activity box from: – 


          Before discussing what is inside the activity box, let me give you a brief about the packaging of the @Magiccrate box. It was simple, attractive, and still beautiful. The moment it came Zumi could not hold her excitement. As it highlights the target of the box “Inspiring young innovators”. Each activity is separately well packed in a poly bag with a tag (picture of activity & development areas). You will find all the activity related things inside each poly bag. No need to buy anything from outside. It’s a well-organized box. One can easily gift it to any kid on a birthday or special occasions, no need to even gift wrap.

Now let’s go to the activity part: – We got a theme box LITTLE MARINER

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In the box, there were 4 activities with a Little Mariner MagicZine & Learning goals sheet.

  • Our first activity – Submarine:- Inside the polybag, you will find material like a bottle, hex nuts, bottle frame, and submarine body. Activity helps in experiment & explore sink or float concept. As the instruction sheet was available inside the bag with an activity related materials. It was very easy for Zumi to assemble it. After assembling it I guided him once about the experimental & exploring part of it. Submarine “Sink & float”…. Which became easy for him to understand because of this activity.
  • Our second activity – Aquarium Acrobats:- Inside the polybag, you will find material like base, arches, box, seaweeds, clay, googly eyes, fish, clips, rod, magnets & stickers. Activity helps in teaching the child how the fish swim & how the magnet attracts to metal & help it to move. Again Zumi enjoyed assembling with materials & instruction sheet. This was the most loving experiment by Zumi & mommy. A kid got a chance to learn how metal attracts to a magnet. And he keeps on enjoying it for a long time.
  • Our third activity – Sand Art:- Inside the polybag, you will find material like artboard, sprinklers, backing paper & googly eyes. Help the child to enhance his creative & artistic side. Zumi did little mistake while doing it, but he also learned, how to use colored sand to fill the picture. Fun activity….



  • The Fourth Activity- Zizi & Jojo Book:- Zizi & Jojo Marine Mission journey is written in the book. As the book is theme base it helps the kid to explore more & also help him to improve his reading habit. I really love this kind of books.

From kid’s point of view:-

Zumi is a monkey boy… making him sit at one place for more than a minute is impossible. But magic crate activities grab his attraction & he loved doing each of them by sitting in one place. Zumi’s first favorite was “Aquarium Acrobats” & second was “Submarine”, as it was experimental base activities, he keeps on repeating it whenever got chance. And not only that but he teaches his friend’s too, what he learned from it.

From My (parent) point of view:-

It’s a wonderful combo of activities, which related to creative, experimental & exploring things for kids. A special attraction of Magic Crate as compare to other activity boxes was the MAGICZINE. I loved that concept, as the MagicZine contains lots of information regarding theme & a certificate. This certificate can be rewarded to a child as a token of appreciation after completing the box activities & increasing his interest in exploring this type of things.


They offer 3-months, 6-months, and 12-months subscription. The basic 3-months subscription would cost you Rs.2199. Each month a new theme is delivered to your doorstep with 3-4 activities and a storybook. Each month is going to carry a fresh theme and fresh set of activities to teach your little one about different and new concepts.

You can subscribe to the modern, practical, and fun way of learning for your kid today here:- (


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Learning With Fun Activities

Hello mommies…

For the first time… I am going to write about diy activities for kids 2.5yrs to 4yrs. Being a mother of super active toddler, I had no option other than switching to DIY activities, which make him sit at one play for a while & make him learn something knowledgeable & creative, instead of making him tv addicted.

The little cupcakes learn best through play. That doesn’t mean you need to buy expensive or enormous toys, however. Here are some activities, which increase your kid’s knowledge while playing.

1) Numbers are fun (Counting Socks)

Objective: Colors association & counting

Materials: 3-6 pairs of socks (different colored)

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Getting Started:-

  • Place the socks in a flat tub & give them to your child.
  • Ask your child to match the socks to form pairs & place them together.
  • Encourage him/her to count the number of pairs.
  • To make the activity challenging, ask your child to try wearing socks independently.
  • This is a great activity to develop self-help skills.

2) Container Fun

Objective: To provide an opportunity for spatial awareness and to develop pre-math skills (seriation)

Materials: 7-8 assorted containers (big to small different sizes)

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Getting Started:-

  • Place all the containers in front of your child
  • Show him/her how a small vessel fits into a big one. Now let him/her try inserting the container one into the other according to their sizes.
  • Encourage him/her to remove them and place them in a line according to their sizes from big to small
  • Stack them one on top of the other to make a tower. Once the containers are stacked together it will be easy for you to put them back.

3) Veggie Sort

Objective: Reinforcing recognition of vegetables & develop pre-math skill

Materials: Vegetables- ladyfingers & peas, 3 trays


Getting Started

  • Mix all the vegetables in a tray and ask your child sort them.
  • Give the tray filled with vegetables to your child & ask him/her to place the ladyfingers on one side & the peas on the other.
  • Encourage him/her to identify & name them.
  • Try this activity after a vegetables shopping spree, your child can help you sort the vegetables& fill them in different bags
  • Don’t forget to name each vegetable as you sort.

4) Plastic Wire Mesh Painting

Objective: To provide an opportunity for tactile stimulation

Materials: Plastic wire mesh, Paints, Used sheets of paper ( Use the blank side), Sheets of newspaper ( to spread on the floor), Pieces of sponge, An old toothbrush, An apron.

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Getting Started:-

  • Spread newspapers in the place of activity.
  • Dress your child in apron or clothes for messy play. ( i dont have apron for him so make him wear old clothes)
  • Fill some bowls with paints.. ( try to take bright colors)
  • Give him/her one side used sheets of paper
  • Encourage him/her to feel the rough texture of the mesh dab. Now, show your child how to dip the wire mesh in paint & dab it on the sheets.
  • Initially, provide assistance & then let him/her continue independently
  • Give him/her a piece of sponge or an old toothbrush & ask him/her to try paint with it
  • Talk about the colours, ask him/her to identify & name the colours.
  • Draw attention to how the colors change as he/ she mixes it.

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No More struggling with nose blockage – Nasal Congestion

          Being a mom, I can understand how tough it is to handle a kid when he is sick. With the drizzling start of monsoon season, the chances of getting flu & cold increases. And it’s the same time when most of the schools start their new session. Kids come in contact with each other & with that, germs also get transferred from one to other, as a result, cold, flu & viral attack all over. With cold, comes nasal congestion.

          My champ is 4 years old & this is the age when kids love to interact with other kids & have a playful time. With that, he bring a gift of cough & cold from other kids while playing with them, which always results in a clogged nose, & with, that my sleepless night begins. As a result he faces:-

  1. Crankiness: – Nasal congestion changes him to bring irritated & cranky.
  2. Sleep deprivation: – Nasal congestion doesn’t let him sleep peacefully, and therefore, he gets deprived of sleep & feels drowsy.
  3. Difficulty in eating/avoids eating: – During nasal congestion he doesn’t know how to take out the cough & release it from the nose, so he vomits a lot. Vomiting makes him more irritated, as a result, he starts avoiding food.
  4. Mental and physical growth: – Because of nasal congestion, he avoids food, which makes him weak & lets down his immunity levels more. As a result, he becomes inactive & misses his classes in school.

          So for a possessive mom like me, it’s a nightmare to see my kid struggling with a choked nose. But I can’t stop him playing with the other kids in fear of getting caught by cold or nasal congestion. I was in continuous search of remedies, When one of my friends visited my home and she saw my son struggling with nasal congestion. She suggested me to try Nasivion Kids Nasal Solution & told me it will help him to recover easily. As it was related to my son, I first preferred to take a doctor’s suggestion about this brand. When I met the doctor he told me that “Nasivion is a brand of nasal spray and drops manufactured by Merck, the world’s oldest pharmaceutical company and a leading company in healthcare. Nasivion is a safe and effective Nasal Spray brand for adults & kids. If you see your baby suffer from nasal congestion, then after consulting a doctor, you can opt for Nasivion (Mini) Baby Nose Drops or Nasivion Pediatric (Child) Nose drops depending on the age of the child.”

Nasivion kids/babies range: 

1) Nasivion Saline Nasal Solution – can be used by anyone
2) Nasivion Mini (Baby) Nose Drops – 0.01% Baby – doctor’s consultation required before using
3) Nasivion Pediatric (Child) Nose Drops –  0.025% Child – doctor’s consultation required before using


After using the drops for 2-3 times, I have seen the changes in my son’s nasal congestion & his mood too. He started sleeping well, as the blockage was not troubling him anymore. He started taking the food normally, which as a result, helped him to improve his health.  The thought of finally letting him play freely with smiles & giggles, brought a smile of relief on my face.

It is suggested to consult your pediatrician before using the product.

Just click the link: –  To know how you can unblock your little one’s nose – so everyone can get back to living a normal life. And know more Happy Nose Happy Moms story from link :-

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Kids Own fun box: – FLINTOBOX

          When my son turns 2yrs old, I find that somewhere because of me, he is addicted to gadgets. From that stage, I started searching for a solution for this problem. While looking my surrounding, I find many parents sailing on the same boat with me. Major 2 reasons because of which kids get addicted to gadgets easily are:-

1) Following what their parents do whole day.

2) To get parents work done & to make kid sit at one place till that time. Parents itself give them a gadgets to play.

          So at this stage I was searching for something creative as well as learning, which not only increase my son’s knowledge & creativity, but also keep him engage & away from gadgets.

          During this hunt, I came across the kids own box… that’s “Flintobox”. I checked their website video’s & find it interesting. But still I want to reconfirm with someone, who had used it earlier. So I contacted one of my friend, whose kids were using it. She shared all her experience with Flintobox & told me to try it out.

          When the first box came & we opened it, I was totally surprise as it contain every small-small detail things, which a kid need to complete the task. And in the box each activity are packed separately with the things needed in it. It’s a very well organized kit in a beautiful box colored in pastel picture of Flinto the octopus with his friends in a garden, which attract the kids & succeed to make a first impression on parents mind. Second best part of flintobox is its creative team, who understand & read the mind of kids as per there age & send a box with the activity, which is best as per that age.  This was the most impressive 2 things which I liked about flintobox.

          As the box started coming every month, me & my son both where very excited to open it. As being a parent my excitement was at that level, that I use to check the video on their website before opening box, so I get an idea about what new my son going to learn from the box delivered that month. It’s being 1 year after introducing my child to flintobox. Each & every box which we got during the year was filled with different types of activities, which increase kid’s creativity as well as knowledge.

30 07 2018 198

Let’s have an overview of July 2018 “Flintobox” 4-8 yrs. So new mommy’s also get an idea about the box & what skills it will teach the baby.


My Sport lover champ got a Sport Mania Flintobox: – Which contains 3 sports (Slam Dunk, Pom pom Football & Mini Golf Kit) & a sports related story of Flinto & friends (Benji Runs a Race). Each game is packaged differently in a cloth bag with a name & number. Which make parent & kids easy to use, & can able to keep separately…

30 07 2018 178

SLAM DUNK: – Our first bag is with Slam Dunk game. It’s a basket ball game. In the bag, you will find a guide card in which details about the items in the bag & “How To Do? “is mentioned & installation items like – Slam Dunk board, Circular foam stickers, Square foam stickers, Tube, Net, Ball & Nuts & bolts.

          As my son is a ball lover, he was very much excited to install the activity & play with it… After missing a few hit, he successive in targeting the Slam Dunk board & toss the ball through the net. And this time I didn’t miss to capture this moment. You can see this candy moment video…. On instagram….


  1. Gross Motor – The child is required to run around, jump & use their arms to put the ball through the net. It also improves their balance.
  2. Fine Motor – Fitting the bolts; inserting the tube through the net; peeling & sticking the foam stickers enhance the child’s fine motor skills.
  3. Confidence – Tossing the ball into the net to score a goal will motivate the child. Each time they throw the ball, their confidence increases.

 Pom-Pom Football: – It was the second activity “Football game”. In the bag, you will find a guide card & installation items like – Football field, Pom-poms, Green paint, Roller brush, 2-Straws, 4-Players sticker, Goal posts, Foam pillars, Football badges, Foam stickers, Tray, Messy Mat & Apron.

          It’s completely a different way of playing football. And the real excitement starts with coloring the field green. Battle begins with the blow of the straw by players to goal the pom-pom ball. I saw a fight between the son & father to goal more. Do check the video…. On instagram…


  1. Cognitive – The child learns to assemble a football field from scratch & assess the direction in which the pom-pom moves.
  2. Coordination – The child blows through the straw to move the pom-pom. This requires hand-eye coordination, apart from controlling the intensity with which they blow.
  3. Thinking & Problem Solving – The child comes up with strategies to score goals by moving the pom-pom into the other player’s goalpost, apart from assessing how the pom-pom moves.

 Mini Golf Kit: – Third & last activity in the box was a “Golf kit”. In the bag, you will find a guide card & installation items like – Cardboard tubes, Rivets, Golf head, Golf ball, Hoop templates & Foam sticker.

          My little champ was over excited because during his tv addiction period many times he saw shinchan (cartoon) playing golf with his dad. So he too requested his daddy to join with him in golf & guess what…… he agreed…..  Do check the video…. On instagram…


  1. Coordination Gross Motor – The child sets up the golf course, tries to put the golf ball through the hoops & moves around to retrieve the golf ball.
  2. Coordination – Besides assessing the speed & direction, the child’s balance & hand-eye coordination are put to test while playing the game.
  3. Social – The child talks about the game, discusses the strategies & expresses their views, while playing golf.

Benji Runs a Race: – It’s a story book which comes in every box with a topic related to the box. As this is our sport mania box, the story book was related to race of Flinto’s friends.

          The book comes with Flintobox helps to increase the interest of the kid towards the activity & also helps him to improve & increase his reading habit.

          Overall it’s a funfilled activities box, which not only increases your child’s skill but also increase his interest in doing activities. Some activities can be reused by child & some of the activity is done by two or more people, which help the child to increase the bonding with parents or siblings or friends while doing it. As compare to its rate, flintobox gives us a complete kit which a child needs to do the activity. In other words we don’t need to spend extra money to complete any activity given in flintobox.

Gift a child Flintobox on birthday or other occasion.

Rate of per box is – Rs 1195


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Ayurvedic Mantra for beautiful skin: – ROOPMantra

Mirror mirror on the wall,
who is the fairest of them all?

          It is said that “ By repeating the above spell for 3×3 days – and notice the difference in your face!” …. I don’t believe something like this really works & people will follow… But yes instead of spell, people spend a lot for fairness, anti wrinkles & pimple cure treatment, to get a beautiful perfect wow face. Everyone want be look perfect with a glowing anti pimple face. Age, climate, pollution & stress affect our skin a lot & slowly- slowly our beautiful glowing skin get dull, filled with pimple & wrinkles. A sudden arrival of pimple, bring a full stop to our plans & with the increase in there quantity, our confidences graph goes down.


          Last week, I got Divisa Herbal Care “Roop Mantra Products” for review. Divisa Herbal Care is one of the leading Ayurvedic based firm in personal & healthcare segment in India. Divisa have combined Ayurveda with modern technology and have delivered cost effective product in various other health segments. It takes care of health of people from young to the older ones.

I took it as a challenge & started using it, as it will heal the 2 major issues, which I have – pimple & dull dark skin because of kutch dry hot wind. It’s being one week, I didn’t find major change while looking at mirror, other than reduction in acne , but yes got a compliment from friends that my skin tone got lighten & a new glow is there…. What other than this a girl wants to hear in her life???


Roop Mantra Ayurvedic Cream:-

An Authentic Ayurvedic Cream with a complete Ayurvedic Skin Health solution for entire family. On the box itself, they have mention that for best result, one has to use 3 times in a day for 3 weeks. It contains natural Liquid extracts such as Aloe Vera, Basil, Turmeric, Lemon, Cucumber, Apple, Carrot, Almond, Draksha, Mulethi, Neem & Chandan.

  • Nourishing ointment suitable for all type of skin.
  • Protect from Acne, Pimples, Boils & Skin Infection etc.

          Cream has a peaches color & the texture is soft shiny. We have to massage the cream slowly on the face till it absorb. It will leave a mild glow on the face after absorbing into skin. As the cream is little dry… Dry skin people can apply little moisturizer before using it.

Cost of the product is – Rs 93/- (Very much affordable)
Net Wt.:- 30g

For best result: – First wash your face with Roop Mantra Herbal Face Wash than apply the Roop Mantra Ayurvedic Cream


Roop Mantra Zero Pimple Gel:-

          An Ayurvedic Medicinal Gel, which contain herbal extract of Rosemary, Tea Tree Oil, Aloe Vera, Marigold, Nimbu, Green Tea, Tulsi, Neem, Cucumber, Onion, Mentha providing a better care to the skin.

  • Remove pimples & acne problem
  • Helps in removing excess oil, open & clear clogged pores.

         Apply over the properly cleansed affected area or whole face twice a day or as direction by the physician.

It’s a watery gel with a mild fragrance. Easily absorb in to skin.

My personal suggestion is to use it at night for better result.

Cost of the product is – Rs 136/- (Very much affordable)
Net Wt.:- 15g

For best result: – First wash your face with Roop Mantra Herbal Face Wash than apply the Roop Mantra Zero Pimple Gel


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Roop Mantra Aloevera Face Wash:-

          Ayurvedic Proprietary Face Wash enriched with the goodness of herbal extract of Aloe Vera, Tulsi & Neem Leaves.

  • Remove facial skin dirt which prevents blemishes & pimples
  • Remove signs of premature aging & retains skins moisture

Roop Mantra Mix Fruit Face Wash:-

A Medicinal Face Wash is a blend of natural fruit extract like Apple, Grape Seed, Carrot, Aloe Vera & Almond providing complete nourishment to the skin.

  • Prevents blemishes & pimples by removing facial skin dirt
  • Provides deep cleaning, enhances skin glow

Roop Mantra Neem Face Wash:-

Deep Cleansing Face Wash contains the goodness of Neem, Tulsi & Turmeric, which is an antibacterial & antifungal property.

  • Remove excess oil, deep- rooted dirt, control blemishes & pimples.
  • Exfoliates skin, makes it dirt & germ free

Roop Mantra Lime & Mint Face Wash:-

Skin Moisturizing Face Wash is a blend of the natural extract of Lemon, Tulsi, Pudina & Aloe Vera, which provide proper nourishment to the skin.

  • Remove dryness, roughness & control skin cracking.
  • Remove the facial dirt & retain skin moisture.

Roop Mantra Cucumber Face Wash:-

An Ayurvedic Face Wash is composed of the herbal extract of Cucumber, Neem, Aloevera & Pudina

  • Control blemishes & pimples, purify the skin.
  • Remove excess oil & dirt while retain skin moisture.


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Triangular Plastic Crayons: – Best to teach grip control

          Kokuyo Camlin – In 2012 Kokuyo S&T Co. Ltd., Japan (Kokuyo Co., Ltd.) acquires a majority stake in Camlin Ltd. and rechristens the company Kokuyo Camlin Limited. Kokuyo is a Japan-based company with more than a 100-year-old history. It is a leading marketer in stationery, institutional furniture, and catalogue sales and has its presence in many countries throughout Asia. Kokuyo is proud to share the legacy of our long-standing relationship with brand Camlin and add value to it. The All-India Camel Colour Contest is entered into the Guinness World Records as the Largest Art Competition with the participation of 48.5 lakh students from across the country in 2011. Camlin opens its first module pre-school in Mumbai; Camlin Alpha kids Ltd. in 2009. Camlin introduces a new, state-of-the-art plastic body range 2005.

camlin triangular

          One & half years back, they launch Triangular plastic crayons. During that time, I was teaching my 2.5yr son how to hold a pencil or crayons. Crayons are the best way to teach kids scrabbling on paper & improve their proper grip on holding anything to sketch or write. Like every parent, me to go to market & brought crayons set which I find attractive and given to him. But within a day I find that he is not taking much interest in using it. At that time I came across this newly launched product of camlin. Luckily I got one, as they were distributing it to some parents for trial.


          Triangular Plastic Crayons comes in a box. There are total 17 super smooth crayons with an eraser & sharpener inside the box. It’s an erasable color & also we can sharpen it as a pencil. Best parts of these colors are that, it has a triangular shape & special grip. Which helps kids to hold the crayons easily & they enjoy their coloring. Once the kids get a proper griping habit, they can easily get control on hold pencil, pen or any other type of colors easily.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         22386550_10155273403283533_831234454_n

          “Kids easily learned control on holding crayons, pencil, pen & even brush, after started use of Kokulyo Camlin Crayons” said by Zumi’s Drawing Madam “Karishma Kashyap”.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  20171017_082517

          During my one of the visit to school, I notice lots of kids using the same color which my son has. I got surprise “OMG! All the kids brought the same, by look each other colors”. At that time his madam said that she recommended it to all parents after Zumi brought it. As she saw a good improvement in his holding & his coloring also improved a lot. And on other side now he easily holds & writes well with pencil too. So it’s a nice starter kit for kids who want to learn hold control over crayons & pencils.                                                                         20171011_144858                                                                                                                                                                               Camel is one of the oldest & trusted brands in India. Triangular Plastic Crayons are one of the best sellers. After using it for a year, I personally recommend it to all parents of toddlers to try it.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    TRIANGULAR Plastic Crayons Cost: 100 Rs
Easily available all over India. In stationary & online both.

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#NatureKnowsBest:- Do we know what is best for nature.

          Week 4 of #OpenNTalk Blogger’s League & we #NISSATalk team members came with new topic #NatureKnowsBest. Nature has created many species & one of them is human. As these species developed extra intelligence, it started creating things as per their requirement, with the help of nature’s creations. And at the end, human changed the definition of nature in dictionary …. “The words nature and natural are used for all the things that are normally not made by human. Things like weather, organisms, landforms, celestial bodies and much more are part of nature.” Nature has always taken care of us like a mother. We have got lots of things from nature. From our existence to survival & survival to end we are completely depended on nature. Nature has its own power to heal, protect, create or destroy. Nature always knows what is best for human & human has taken benefits of it.

          Everything in nature is made up of five basic elements: earth, water, fire, air, and space. Each of the five elements represents a state of matter. Earth is not just soil, but it is everything in nature that is solid. Water is everything that is liquid. Air is everything that is a gas. Fire is that part of Nature that transforms one state of matter into another. Space is the mother of the other elements. The five elements are associated with the five senses, and act as the gross medium for the experience of sensations. The basest element, earth, created using all the other elements, can be perceived by all five senses – (i) hearing, (ii) touch, (iii) sight, (iv) taste, and (v) smell. The next higher element, water, has no odor but can be heard, felt, seen and tasted. Next comes fire, which can be heard, felt and seen. Air can be heard and felt. Last but not the least “Akash” (aether) is beyond the senses of smell, taste, and touch. We are unaware of the 5 elements inside us. But the Yogi – who is an extremist and who has the knowledge of all the five elements understand the laws of nature.  He is flawless in helping the nature to be on its own and does only things to help Mother Nature to be just her.

          Nature has a power to heal us. Nature is the antidote for today’s busy and stressful world. Being in nature, or even viewing scenes of nature, reduces anger, fear, and stress and increases pleasant feelings. Exposure to nature not only makes you feel better emotionally, it also contributes to your physical well-being, reducing blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, and the production of stress hormones. Several researches had been done related to natural healing – 1) Hospitals, offices, and schools has found that even a simple plant in a room can have a significant impact on stress and anxiety. 2) The patients who have tree view in the hospital room recovers faster as compare to the patients facing the wall. 3) 95% of those interviewed said their mood improved after spending time outside, changing from depressed, stressed, and anxious to more calm and balanced. 4) Viewing nature scenes increases our ability to pay attention. Because humans find nature inherently interesting, we can naturally focus on what we are experiencing out in nature. Nature is our greatest medicine cabinet: to date it has provided humankind with a multitude of life-saving medicines from quinine to aspirin, and from morphine to numerous cancer and HIV-fighting drugs.

          Nature always inspired us. Imagine poetry without flowers, painting without landscapes, or film without scenery. Wait for a while, close your eyes & just imagine all your favorite movie scene or song without their natural background…. Imagine if Shakespeare had no rose to compare Juliet to…. What would the Jungle Book be without Baloo or the Wind in the Willows without Mr. Badger?

          There are numerous things which nature has given to use free-of –charge. One blog will be not enough to count or explain about it. As a mother, nature always kept care of his child & preserves them in her lap. Being a human, somewhere we forgot (our origin), that we are also one of the species created by nature. Our inventions & discoveries to make a better living, slowly- slowly started to destroy the nature & its creations. Somewhere they disturbed all the 5 elements of nature & cycle. Disharmony among the five elements in nature is the cause of natural calamity. Earth – Earthquake, Water – Floods, storm, Fire – Blaze, Air – Hurricane, Void – Pollution. Which introduced us to a problem? “Global warming”…. And now it’s our duty to overcome this situation by hold each other’s hand & have a joint effort to save our planet. So we can able to give better life to next generation.


IF You Play With Nature,
It Will Play With Your Existence.

Some tips to reduce the global warming:-

  • Making simple choices to save energy may help avoid the serious consequences of global warming. For example: Turn off the lights, close doors immediately so heat does not escape, take short showers, turn off your computer when not in use (don’t leave it on just to keep Facebook or Myspace active).
  • Planting trees can help much in reducing global warming than any other method. They not only give oxygen but also take in carbon dioxide, during the process of photosynthesis, which is the main source of global warming. So next time, on your anniversary, birthday or other special occasion plant a tree…. Save earth.
  • By driving less you are not only saving fuel but also helping in reducing global warming. Also, look out for other possibilities, for e.g.: car pooling. If you have colleagues who live in the same area then you can combine trips. If you need to go to a local market then either walk or go by cycle. Both of them are great form of exercise.
  • Many people have caught the energy efficient band wagon of solar energy. Having solar panels installed is something readily possible and available. Incentives and discounts given by government agencies and energy companies make solar energy something to look into.
  • Landfills are the major contributor of methane and other greenhouse gases. When the waste is burnt, it releases toxic gases in the atmosphere which result in global warming. Reusing and recycling old items can significantly reduce your carbon footprint as it takes far less energy to recycle old items than to produce items from scratch.
  • Not only do the health benefits speak wonders for those who eat naturally, but it cuts down the energy costs used by factories that produce processed food.
  • Use cloth towels instead of paper tissues or cloth tissues… because both increase wastage & energy.
  • Use cloth diaper instead of disposable diaper… will help in reducing land & water wastage.
  • When you drive make sure your tires are inflated properly. If not, then your vehicle might consume more fuel which in turn releases more CO2 in the atmosphere. Keep your engine properly tuned and drive less aggressively. Aggressive driving and frequent applying of brakes hampers the engine and can even lower the mileage of your car.
  • Increase the use of steel product instead of plastic. Pack your eatable & drinkable products in steel utensils. If you have a party, than use organic plates.
  • Save water by reusing it. Re-use the water used for washing cloth in swiping the floor, water used of vegetable cleaning, water saved from a/c & Ro can be used for gardening purpose. Follow one bucket rule to save water.
  • Connecting with others will help you become more conscious of the impact we all have. The Climate Change National Forum and Global Humanitarian Forum are great avenues to know the latest facts, statistics, and efforts in making a difference. There is many other website which helps you, to increase your knowledge about reducing global warming effect. ,,,, many more….
  • Always try your best to educate people about global warming and its causes and after affects. Tell them how they can contribute their part by saving energy that will be good for the environment. Gather opportunities and establish programs that will help you to share information with friends, relatives and neighbors.

We all can give our contribution by playing little mindful, in reducing the global warming. Let’s hold each other’s hand in the race of protecting our existences & reducing global warming.



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The Fragrance That Tugs Me

          After a wonderful two weeks blog, this week we #NISSATalks came with new topic “#FragranceInRelationships”. When I heard fragrance & relationship together, only one thing came to my mind. This connected me with my childhood and wrapped my soul. I have seen many relationships build because of this fragrance.

Yaad ma tu…., Swaad ma tu……
Zara zara mai, teri saudi kushboo,
Is safar se…., us safar tak….,
Mera akks ma bhi, tu hi huba-hu-hai…
(Product jingle)

          Wo hai “ Meri Maa ka haat ka Khane ki Kushboo ”……Fragrance of food made by my mom. I know you’ll all agree. After the bell rings… and when the door opens, there comes the fragrance that drags me inside the house…aroma which already has spread across my home…aroma that not only has the flavor of sweet & spicy masala, but also affection of love & emotions for a daughter, who had been away from her eyes.  A fragrance filled with excitement for her home coming after a long time but for a short vacation. An aroma of the list of my favorites sent by me before my home coming.


          #OpenNTalk #NISSATalks

          This fragrance had such a strong bonding on me, that when I relocated to Bangalore for job, I  asked my mom to accompany me, rather than carrying a bag full of homemade masalas for homely feel that usually people do otherwise…I did, so that daily I get the same homely fragranced yummy food. Though we had an office canteen, I always preferred homemade food by my mom.

          But the real challenge was, when I got married. “Ab kaha se milaga, Wo maa ka haat ka swaad aur wo kushboo”. It was a critical situation for me, who learn to eat, but not to prepare. From childhood till date, mom’s food fragrance had scented my nose in such a way that, after marriage I started comparing the fragrance in every recipe with her recipe. And this teaches me two things, which my mom believes. First, the aroma of food has power to bring entire family together to the dining table from every corner & spread the giggles of happiness & togetherness. Second, to achieve perfect fragrance, we have to add love & emotions with perfect amount of spices. With this experience, one more quality that I developed was, I learned to calculate the perfect amount of spices just by smelling the fragrance coming from the food. Yes… one can easily guess while cooking, what is missing in it, by just smelling that special fragrance.

          Power of this fragrance is so immense, that it can bring Husbands to home in an unexpected timing, with an intention to taste it & at times carry it for friends & colleagues in office. Not to mention it also helps us motive the kids to finish their school tiffin. This is the fragrance of love, emotion & taste, which every mom uses to pass on to her child & other members of the family. This stays with us always and no hotel, mess or any street food will ever be able to match it… And any resemblance of similar fragrance leaves me helpless missing my mom’s food like anything.

          Anyone can easily relate self to this post. I would love to know your feelings and fragrance of your mom’s food & how much you miss it.



This post is published for #OpenNTalk Blogger’s League hosted by @Gleefulblogger & @Wigglingpen in association with SummerBarnVedantika HerbalsNyassa, and Explore Kids World.

I’m part of team #NISSAtalks. Stay tuned as all through June, we will be opening up and talking about a host of topics.

This week, we are all writing on #FragranceInRelationships

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My 2 Superheros

“Every superhero has a secret identity. I don’t know a single one who doesn’t. Who wants the pressure of being super all the time?”

―Mr. Incredible
I think that’s why they turn to daddy

          Hey everyone. I am 3.5yr boy “ZUMI”. As the father’s day is coming closer, I am going to rule & share the thoughts in my mommy’s blog. I am attached to my dad & grand dad (nanu) both. One holds the master degree in fatheriziom & other is still doing bachelors in fatheriziom.incredible

          My grand dad – I use to call him “atha”. It means father in Malayalam. He is like a Mr. Incredible. Loves his family & believes that his family is his real strength. I am very much attached to him. I follow his all instruction & respect him as my mentor. My mom told me that the first word I spell was “atha” instead of mom or dad, when I was just 3 months. She told me that “On that day i was sleeping with my grand dad. In my sleep i put my hand on grand dad’s tummy & spell ‘aa….atha’ “.

Some of his superhero qualities:-

  • He never says “No” to me, even though he is tried. Many times it happens that when he comes from office, I use to force him to play with me or request him to take me out for a walk. Even though he is tired, having health issues & his age reducing his stamina, still he never say “no” to me. Within 5 minutes he gets ready to play or take me out.
    That shows he have a secret power. A power of regaining energy. 
  • He always encourages me to try new things. He believes that if we won’t try how we come to know it’s good or bad. And to convince me, he try the things in front of me & than encourage me to try the same.
    True hero always keeps their examples to encourage others.
  • From birth, he is the one with whom I feel more secure. Haaaa…. Don’t get shock… it’s a fact. When I was vaccinated at 1 ½ month & was crying a lot. He was the only person who successes in making me fall into comfort sleep. My mom reflects my grand dad, maybe that’s the reason, why I feel comfortable with him. I just love to sleep with him, hugging his tummy, which is like daddy pigs big tummy.
    True superhero always makes us feel secure.
  • As I told you above, my grand dad was the person with whom I always feel comfortable. So from the first day of birth till 3 month, he didn’t sleep more than 1-3 hrs. As he use to do night shift with me & day shift in the office. Whole night he uses to play & take care of me.
    True superhero always balances their life & work beyond the strength.

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 This was all about my “atha”. How he turn to me a superhero.

         Now my daddy’s turn – Who is my second superhero. He is like superman. He is a strong man with kind & snowy soft heart. He is dedicated towards his work. And because of which he get less time to play with me. Still he grabs maximum fun in that small period of time.


  • My dad is a buzz bee…Still he walks up all night, when I have a sleepless night.
  • If he is at home – He feed me food, when mommy is buzz in other work. Change my diaper, convince me to have a medicine & we enjoy bathing time together.
  • He encourages me too, try new things. And teach me the correct way of doing it, so I won’t have a fear of harming myself.
  • He always appreciates me, in small-small achievement. And guide me how I can improve it for better performance.
  • My mom use to tell me, that dad was very excited from the first day he came to know she is pregnant. And use to count my kicks & observe my movements.
  • When I start my movement in my mom’s tummy. He use to laugh & say that “tingudi… sham hota hi masti shuru”.
  • First time my mom seen him crying loudly… when I born & his boss cancelled his leave application. He was very much excited to be with me, but his boss cancelled his one week leave application. So before leaving home, he hugged me & started crying loudly.
  • He always has a guilt feeling that his work didn’t allowing him to be with me in my candy moment & I too use to miss him during that time. My mom use to tell me that “its dad’s effort which make her free to come with me & make me enjoy all the moments. So instead of missing him & getting sad, I should give my hundred percent in each things i do  & make him feel happy & proud”


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          I just want to say my daddy “dad I know you love me a lot, and you are working for my better future. So don’t feel guilty that you are not able to spend sufficient time with me. I always love you & you are always being my superhero. It’s your support that make mom free to take me for any of my activities. So in one way you are supporting us secretly. You are our secret superhero.

          I am one of the luckiest kids who has two inspiring & supportive superhero in life.
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